Welcome to the Consumium diaspora* free social media isntance provided by Consumerium - Enhancing consumer informedness.

Welcome to the landing page of diaspora* free social media provided by Consumerium.org

Consumerium is a consumer empowerment effort in ze Internets since 2002 - Enhancing Consumer Informedness - Kuluttajien voimaannuttamista jo vuodesta 2002.

Consumium free social media currently offers 4 ad-free, behavioral data mining free and cost-free alternatives for you to choose from:

diaspora* is a free software and #freesome network consisting of independent pods provided by various freesoftware and #freesome activists, individual and organizations. It is designed specifically with consumer safety and uses SSL/TLS encryption extensively to keep your information from snoops. Diaspora* pioneered the use of aspects (more fine grained sharing controll) which Google+ then straight-out copied.

Join Consumium diaspora* free social media pod at d.consumium.org since 2013 or you could view alternative diaspora* pods at PodUpTi.me.

Hubzilla is a privacy and sociality oriented free software and free social media network based around the concept of channels like the late Tsu.co that had ads but gave 90% of the revenue to the punters.

Hubzilla at https://hub.consumium.org free social media instance since 2016 or View official list of Hubzilla hubs at Hubzilla.nl .

Friendica is a nice free social media that has the least steep and shortest learning curve for the Facebook refugees.

Friendica at https://friendica.consumium.org #freesome instance since 2016 or view The Friendica directory, a nice place to discover instances via the people on them.

GNU social is a free microblogging platform software and network by GNU.org

Consumium GNU social instance at https://social.consumium.org, no login required to view since 2016 or view list of alternative GNU social instances

GNU MediaGoblin is a media hosting software and network by GNU.org

Consumium GNU MediaGoblin instance at https://media.consumium.org/, no login required to view. Accounts upon request. Online since 2016.